Saturday, November 12, 2011

Review: Elf essential lipsticks and studio lip balm

Hello! It has been a long time since my first update, because my laptop has been on the fritz. But it's back now, and so are the posts! This one is going to be a review of Elf's lipsticks and lipbalm. I have two of the lipsticks (one more on the way!), and one of the Studio Conditioning lipbalm. So let's get started!

L-R: Posh, Voodoo and Romantic Rouge
 L-R: Posh, Voodoo and Romantic Rouge
The lipsticks that I'm going to be talking about are from the Elf Essential range (as it is known in the US). Here in the UK, it's the cheapest line, and you can buy them online at for £1.50 each. The shades that I have are Posh (described on the site as a deep, cool berry shade) and Voodoo (described as a spicy, warm red). They are both creme lipsticks, and I find them to be very pigmented. 
The packing is minimal, but not cheap or flimsy looking. In the pictures on the website, it appears to have little stars on it, but on the actual product (as you can see from the picture), it's a plain silver-grey colour. I'm not too bothered about this. You get a decent 3.5g of product in it, so that's great value for a £1.50 lipstick. 
In terms of texture - they're not the creamiest lipsticks in the world, so I usually apply a moisturizing lip balm before I put these on. Then they go on like a dream. The staying power is all right - they're not long-lasting, but you don't need to constantly reapply them, either. And like I mentioned before, the pigmentation is very good, so I tend to use a lip brush to prevent from getting too much product on there. 
The colours that I have are both lovely berry shades.
Posh is a bright and beautiful colour. It is a lot more pigmented on your lips than it appears to be in the packaging, so just watch out for that. And it's extremely build-able as well, if you're feeling a little bold!  
Voodoo is a deeper coloured red, with a slight pinkish-brown undertone. It doesn't come off as strongly as Posh does, though. In the swatch posted above, I think it looks a lot more brown than it actually is. My lips are naturally quite pigmented, so it shows up as more pink-berry on them.

Overall, I think that these lipsticks are worth trying out. For £1.50 each, you can play around with different colours, and see what suits you. I'm definitely going to be trying out more of them.

Studio Conditioning Lip Balm
This lip balm is from the Elf Studio line, which is priced slightly higher, with almost all items being £3.50 each. The shade that I own is Romantic Rouge, a lovely, bright red. 

In addition to having SPF 15 in them, these lip balms are very, very hydrating. They're rich and creamy, and feel great on your lips. They also have a sweet, coconut-y sort of scent to them, and they taste sweet as well! 

The pigmentation on these lip balms is AMAZING. Honestly, I can't stress this enough. You can see how glossy and shiny it is in the picture of the swatch, but even when it is on your lips, it does not look like a lip balm! Every time I have worn it, people have asked me which lipstick I'm wearing, and honestly - I don't even wear that much of it! I have tried quite a few tinted lip balms in the past, and few have such incredible colour payoff. I highly recommend this one.

So there you have it! I have been using these products for a while now, and have grown to love them. I hope that this review helped you, and do check back in soon!