Saturday, August 11, 2012

Recipe: Tortellini with peppers in a garlic sauce

Hi everyone! It's Saturday, and I thought I would make today's post a little different! I have a recipe for you. It's Totellini with peppers in a cheesy, garlic sauce. I made it a couple of weeks ago, and I was just making it up as I went along. It came out really well, and it was really quick and easy too, so just thought I would share!

You will need:

300 g Tortellini (either spinach or pepper)
2 red/green/yellow bell peppers
Garlic granules
Cheese sauce mix
Oregano flakes
Olive oil
Parmesan (optional)

Start off by cooking the tortellini according to the instructions on the pack - this usually involves boiling it for a certain amount of time. Now I used pepper-stuffed tortellini, but you can use spinach ones as well if you feel that the recipe will be too spicy for you!

While the tortellini is cooking, chop up the peppers. I was only able to get hold of red ones, but I recommend you get different colours - I'm all for making dishes as colourful as possible!
Heat up about a tablespoon of olive oil and add in the peppers. Cook them until they soften up. Add in a sprinkling of garlic granules as well.

For the cheese sauce - I used a powder mix that I got from my local grocery store. I prepared it by adding it to 140ml of milk and heating it up in a saucepan until it was the right consistency. I then added a sprinkling of garlic granules to it. Alternatively, you could use the readymade four-cheese sauce that's available in most places.

By this time, the tortellini will be done. Drain it and add to the olive oil and peppers and mix thoroughly. Turn off the heat and pour the cheese sauce over the whole thing. Sprinkle with oregano, basil and salt. Add on some parmesan if you want and you're done!

Hope this was useful! Let me know if you'd like to see more recipes on here. :) 


  1. Yum looks awesome! Definitely be up for seeing more recipes! I love to make anything sweet, I'm such a sweet tooth. And right now I'm addicted to pasta with pumpkin and feta.

    I should probably try to extend my savoury cooking repertoire, so posts like this will be a great help x

    1. Thanks for the feedback! :)

      I'm the opposite, lol, I have a whole bunch of savoury things that I make and am trying to get into making desserts! x

  2. Ooo, yum yum! I love tortellini and anything garlicky and cheesy is always a winner for me! xo

  3. Me too! I could have cheese on anything, haha. x