Sunday, October 14, 2012

Back to reality!

Hi everybody! Sorry that it has been more than a week between posts. It was my last week in India, and there was a lot to do! Anyway, I'm back in good old England now, and although I've to go back to work, my posts should get more regular. I'll be making a post with some things I got from there once I have unpacked (2 nights of no sleep meant I was pretty much comatose when I got back last night!) but for now, I'll leave you with some pictures of a very dramatic sky I saw on my way back from the airport. Hope you like!


  1. Welcome back! That sky is INCREDIBLE. xo

    1. Thanks! Yes, it was lovely, and prompted my very jet-lagged self to take some pictures! x

  2. so welcome back and we wait for post :) followed back :)

  3. Wow awesome pics! Very crazy weather! Did you have a good time in India? x